When you're in a situation where the children need to safely cross the street, the Crossing Guard Paddle is essential.
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Our school bus signage solutions can be a life saver when you're out of your element on a field trip!
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Stay compliant as you easily change the posted capacity of the bus as the seat configuration changes!
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Getting Kids On The Right Bus Since 1995

Welcome to School Bus Signs by Reflective Image Manufacturing Corp. We have been proudly serving the school transportation industry since 1995. We specialize in manufacturing products that help children get on the right bus easily and safely.

Our flagship product, The Route Changer™ by Reflective Image/School Bus Signs is an attractive and efficient solution for displaying bus numbers and routes. Drivers simply rotate the digits on the Route Changer™ by hand to change their bus or route number. We also manufacture the easy to use Route Changer™ Slide-In Combination Sign which combines changeable numbers with a changeable Animal Sign. The Route Changer™ Slide-In Combination Sign is an ideal solution for buses that transport both elementary and secondary students.

Reflective Image Manufacturing Corp.'s other popular products include Animal Identification Signs, Matching Decals and Badges for Animal Signs, Bus Empty Signs, Magnetic Signs, Easy Change Slide-in Signs, Handicap Bus Capacity Signs, and Magnetic Route Changers™. Additional products we manufacture include Custom Route Changers™, Crossing Guard Paddles, Animal Hand Paddles, Student Pickup Signs, Field Trip Signs and Paint Stencils. Reflective Image Manufacturing Corp. will also produce any type of decal or vinyl lettering you may need. We custom print interior and exterior decals and cut vinyl lettering to your specifications. Do you have custom bus signage needs? Chances are we can custom manufacture a product to meet your needs!

At Reflective Image/School Bus Signs, it is our objective to help get kids safely on the right bus and make your job less stressful. Our bus identification signs help both drivers and students easily identify their correct bus. Dismissals become efficient and safe with our products. Whatever your bus signage needs, our goal is to meet those needs!