Lettering, Vinyl, Decals & Stencils

Reflective Image can supply all your vinyl lettering, decal and paint stencil needs. All products are custom manufactured to your specific requirements.

Custom Exterior Vinyl

Vinyl Lettering

Reflective Image sells high quality vinyl designed for the exterior of vehicles. It has a permanent, self-adhesive backing and is pre-spaced to your specifications. Vinyl lettering is ideal for school district names, bus numbers, roof top numbers or wherever you might need permanent lettering on your vehicles.

Route Changer
Route Changer

Roof Top Vinyl with EZ Apply Vinyl

An important safety feature for you buses. Roof Top Vinyl Numbers allow buses to be easily identified in the air in case of emergency. Standard number height is 22 inches.

Digit Ht: 22"


See-Through Window Vinyl

An exciting product that allows the driver visibility while displaying an image on the outside of a window. Great for Animal Signs, field trips, team logos, rodeo numbers and much more. Can be made to any size.

School Bus Signs Decal
School Bus Signs Decal
School Bus Signs Decal


Custom Decals

Reflective Image prints high quality, self-adhesive decals for all your labeling needs. Our decals can be used on the interior or exterior of a vehicle and are custom made to your specifications. Reflective Image prints any color or size and our exterior decals are laminated for extended durability. We have quick turnaround times on all of our decals. These are peel-off with a self-adhesive backing and are available in multiple size options.


Paint Stencil Kits

Reflective Image manufactures paint stencil kits in 6 inch or 22 inch numbers. Kits are sold in sets of numbers 0-9 and can be used to paint on multiple surfaces. The 22 inch paint stencils are great for painting roof top emergency numbers.